About lensguide.io

Why a website about lenses?

After getting my first 50mm prime, I realised that when it comes to photography gear, the lens really does it all. 

The idea behind this blog is to focus on glass, to provide the most informative and specialized articles about lenses, as that is in my view a more critical choice than what camera to use

Focusing on lenses only allows me to publish very in-depth guides about very narrow topics, like a certain focal length for a certain lens mount, and develop it further than a general photography blog can.

rudy dewatine jumping

By & For Photographers

The articles on this website are  written for photographers, and I try to recommend the right lenses for all budgets.

While it is possible to get very technical and geeky when it comes to glass, I chose to write about glass in a more practical way, with real situations in mind instead of lab results.


About the author

I am a travel photographer from Paris France.

My job allowed me to travel around the world and I like to go on photo shoot walks from time to time. 

I shoot anything I find interesting and I especially enjoy trying to find new angles or ideas in simingly touristy, over-photographed places

You can contact me on this website or reach out on instagram @rudy.dew